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Works on paper currently available for show or sale. Contact me for purchase information

Prints, cards, mugs, masks and other merchandise of each piece are also available here.

Bear Saves Bee
Cicada Dream
Australian Velvet Worm
Crow Takes Tea
Argiope aurantia - Writing Spider
Portrait of Cicada
Bee Loved
Trunk Call
The End
Mantis Greetings
Leaf Footed Bug
Squirrel Nut
The Bat
The Still Life with Crow
Archy and Mehitabel
Three Corvids
A is for Ant
Red Wolf and Scarf
Tiger Beetle
Ecuador Amazon Katydid
Goat Spectacle
Zebra Stare
Sea Turtle
Cuban Green Banana Roach
Beetle on Apple
The Stink Eye
Goliath Beetle
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